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Hardwood Mulch,  Playground Woodchips ,

Topsoil compost Blend & Firewood

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Hardwood Mulch, Playground Woodchips,

Topsoil Compost Blend & Firewood

Discounts for Large Loads

Delivery available


Top soil Dark brown mulch

We are primarily a mulch grinding and topsoil screening operation.  We offer bulk deliveries of various kinds of mulch, playground woodchips, compost and topsoil. We also sell firewood. The company does not offer spreading services, but if you need spreading we can try to hook you up with someone.

What Services do you offer?

Why should I buy from E-Z Tree Recycling instead of my local garden center?


We produce and deliver over 25,000 cubic yards of mulch and topsoil annually.

Because you’re buying direct from the producer, and not a middleman we are less expensive, especially for larger orders.  However if your order is small, like 2 or 3 yards, and your garden center is close by, their lower delivery fee my outweigh their more expensive per yard mulch price.  Get the total delivered price including sales tax from us and then compare.


How do I know which mulch to choose?


In many cases it is a personal judgement call.  However, here are some tips:


If your primary criteria is cost, go with the Natural Brown Hardwood mulch.  It is well shredded and aged and makes an attractive mulch, and the price is attractive too.


If you want a darker, longer lasting brown, go with the Premium Dark Brown dyed mulch.  Its color is rich and dark, and it is double processed to give a uniform texture.  However unlike some companies, we do not feel that shredding the mulch finer and finer is an advantage.  When shredded too fine, it may look good the day it is delivered, but it will rot much faster.  Our method results in a longer lasting mulch.


If you want red, go for our Rustic Red Mulch.  We use more dye than most companies, resulting in a richer and longer lasting color.  We use the same process as the Premium Dark Brown to avoid over shredding the mulch, so it will last longer.


Always use the Playground Woodchip Mulch for playgrounds, but it also works well for garden pathways.


Can I use your compost like a mulch?


Yes, we have a suprising number of customers who do that.  It is like a very fine mulch.  Most often it is used this way in flower beds, but it can be used around trees and shrubs too.  When used several years in a row, the soil is remarkably improved, especially, clay soils, which need improvement the most.


What else is compost used for?


All the topsoil we sell has a substantial amount of compost blended into it.  We also sell Compost  for use in gardens.  It can either be spaded into the garden soil, or used as a topdressing.  Fall application is best.  Either way you will get the maximum benefit when used several seasons in a row.


What size trucks do you deliver in?


We have two truck sizes, but they are both relative large trucks. Both are cab over design meaning the cab is over the engine, resulting in excellent maneuverability for their size.  We do not use semi dumps.


Where do you dump the mulch?


Usually it is the driveway, street, parkway or alley.  We need a place large enough for a big truck to back up and dump the load safely.  We should not leave paved surfaces unless the ground is hard.  Remember we also have to watch overhead for wires and tree limbs.  If you have us dump in the alley or street, you need to be prepared to move it before anyone complains.


I have no driveway, can you bring it into my yard from the alley?


Our deliveries are dump delivery only.  We do not offer hauling, however, if you need that service, I can probably hook you up with someone.


How much can your truck carry on a load?  


The big truck can carry up to 30 cubic yards of mulch per trip, as mulch is very bulky, but not very heavy.  The same truck, when carrying compost is limited to 20 yards because of the weight, and with our topsoil-compost mix, 10 or maybe 14 cubic yards. That is the maximum on a trip, smaller orders are welcome too.


Can you deliver two different products like mulch and topsoil, or mulch and firewood on the same trip?


The smaller truck has two compartments and can deliver 2 different products at the same time without mixing them, or make deliveries to two different customers on the same trip.  When delivering 2 different products to the same customer, there is an additional charge of $20, which is a lot cheaper than paying for two trips.


Can I order mulch for me and my neighbor and split the delivery fee?


Yes.  If you both live on the same block and order the same material, there is only one delivery fee, which you can then split.  If farther apart there is an extra charge for the second stop, but you will still save compared to two separate trips.


My neighbor ordered from you last year.  I like what she got and want to buy the same kind and amount myself.  Do you keep track?


We do keep track, and knowing what you (or your neighbor) got last time can be a big help in knowing what to order this year.  


When do you deliver?


During the busiest part of the year we deliver from dawn to dusk Monday thru Saturday.


Do you do Saturday and/or Sunday deliveries?


Saturday is a regular delivery day for us.  But keep in mind, we can’t do everyone first on Saturday.  We will work on Sundays too, but only when there are too many orders to finish up in the first 6 days of the week.  We prefer to consider Sunday a day of rest.


What is your delivery charge?


Best to call for that, but I can tell you that it generally varies from $60 to $115, in most cases.


How far do you go for deliveries?


Our target market is Chicago and the South and South West Suburbs, generally in a 30 mile radius.  However, let it be understood that it makes much more sense to go far for big orders than small orders.  For our 30 yard truckloads of mulch, we have customers as far away as Valparaiso, Indiana, as well as Manhattan, Channahon, and Elmhurst, IL.


Where do you go most often?  


Besides Chicago, we have many customers in Crete, Homewood, Mokena, Frankfort, Orland, Tinley Park, Oak Forest, Palos Heights, Homer Glen, Lemont, Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, La Grange, Countryside and Riverside.  If your suburb is near one of the ones just mentioned, then we definitely can go there too!


What quantity discounts do you offer?


20 yard loads get a $1.00 per yard discount, 30 cubic yard loads get a $2.00 per yard discount.  This is off our already low prices!


Do you sell to business as well as homeowners?


Of course we do.  Many of our best customers are local fast food franchises, strip malls, apartment buildings and office complexes.  We also sell directly to landscapers who then install at their customer addresses.


I have tree branches to get rid of.  Do you pick them up at no charge?


Sorry, you’re out of luck on that one.


How do you get the trees you grind up into mulch?


Tree Services and Landscapers drop them off at our business.  There is a dumping fee charged.  If you need tree branches cleaned up from your yard, and are willing to pay, I can probably hook you up with someone, if you’re relatively close by.  


Is your mulch weed free?




Is your compost weed free?




Is your topsoil weed free?


I wish it were so, but I’m not aware of any way to guarantee that.



Is your mulch organic?


Yes, our natural brown hardwood mulch is 100 % from natural trees & shrubs, chipped, shredded, screened and aged.  We do not grind up any construction and demolition debris, meaning no chance of unwanted chemicals.


Is the red and brown dyed mulch safe?




“The colorants in colored mulch are safe for people, animals, and the environment. In fact, recent independent laboratory studies looked at colored mulch very closely to determine its toxicity.

In the studies, toxicity is tested using a variety of reaction types — from acute oral, skin, and inhalation toxicity to eye and skin irritation. The results place the colorant used in colored mulch into the lowest and safest level of toxicity possible — Category IV ― the same level as the sugar you put in your coffee (which is not to say we recommend consuming it). By contrast, table salt and baking soda have higher levels of toxicity.”





I have a question that I think would be useful to add to the FAQ.  How do I do that?


Please call Mike at the E-Z Tree Recycling office, 773-493-8600 and explain your question.  If it seems to be something of likely use to our potential customers, I will do my best to get it added.


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