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Hardwood Mulch,  Playground Woodchips ,

Topsoil compost Blend & Firewood

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Hardwood Mulch, Playground Woodchips,

Topsoil Compost Blend & Firewood

Discounts for Large Loads

Delivery available



Our playground woodchip mulch has been used in over 100 Chicago area playgrounds, including Chicago Public Schools, several suburban public schools, Montessori schools, daycares as well as backyard playgrounds. Call for a reference near you.


Our playground woodchip mulch is superior to paved playground surfaces because it is safer. It is made from renewable resources and is environmentally friendly.

Standards for playgrounds are much stricter nowadays. A thick layer of finely ground, clean woodchip mulch can help create a safe and attractive playground.

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How to order playground woodchip mulch

1. Determine how many inches need to be added to bring the wood chip thickness up to a safe depth. (Minimum recommended thickness: 6 to 12 inches)

2. Measure length and width of the playground in feet. And then calculate volume using the method mentioned below.

3. OR Call our office: 773-493-8600.

We will be happy to help you determine the quantity you need.

Give the kids a beautiful, safe area to play in

Playground woodchips

How to estimate the volume needed:

Take length times width (in feet) to get the area in square feet. Then use the following rule of thumb: Each cubic yard of playground chips will add 3 inches of depth to 100 square feet. Example: 30 feet wide times 50 feet long = 1500 square feet. Then 1500 divided by 100 = 15 cubic yards, needed for 3 inches of added depth. Twice as much for 6 inches deep is 30 cubic yards, and so on.

We cater to orders ranging from 5 to 100 cubic yards and up!


Delivery to Chicago and South or Southwest Suburbs generally cost $60 to $115 (per trip). Prices are effective from 4/1/2016, subject to change without notice, cash or check on delivery. PO's are accepted from schools. For more information, call Mike Fowler 773-493-8600.

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