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Hardwood Mulch, Playground Woodchips,

Topsoil Compost Blend & Firewood

Discounts for Large Loads

Delivery available


Have you ever wanted to have a rain barrel for you garden, but were turned

off by the cost of the commercial ones available in the big box stores?


E-Z Tree Recycling has a solution for you.


We buy dye in plastic barrels of approximate 35 gallon capacity.  Since

the vendor doesn’t want them back we have steady supply of barrels looking

to be repurposed.  You provide the fittings and labor!

Rain Barrels

Turn this:

Barrels could use a good scrubbing to get the dye off.  Be sure to wear old clothes, and wash any dye streaks off your clothes while they are still damp.  Once the dye dries, it is harder to get off.


Is the red and brown dyed mulch safe?


“The colorants in colored mulch are safe

for people, animals, and the environment.  Source:







Into this:


Barrels are available for

$5.00 each, or 3 for $10.00


Free delivery with a mulch

or topsoil order.  Or pickup at

E-Z Tree Recycling

The barrels have many other potential uses. For example, Zombie proof storage for your End of The World survival stash! Cut in half they make good planters. Buried in the ground and filled with gravel you can make your own drywell.  Give me your ideas to add to the list!